Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If you care about how you’re giving/getting head this is for you…
 I said giving, because I’m old school. 
 To me, men can give women head too…

After all isn’t that what you’re doing?  Using your head?

For the sake of being neutral…
I will use the word “shit” in place of cock or pussy…
I’m sure you’ll figure it out for yourself. 
And let’s face it, some shit, is just good shit.
So let’s begin.
First the situation has to right to start. 
You have to be comfortable. You have to want that shit.


Get close to it... look at that shit…..
Take that shit in your hands run it between your fingers…
Get close to it and really look at that shit..

See the shaft...

See the tip...  The corona… The ridge…


Direct your affections when  you're giving head.

Follow the ridge in a slow, sensual, circular motion
Use your fingers, lips, tongue or titties, cheeks, ass, nose, hair Etc,…. 

Truth is, we won’t mind which you use.

Touch the ball sack… Go ahead… touch it…

Lots of things factor into the condition of the ball sack,
temperature, timing, comfort zone etc.,
But DON’T let any of that stop you!  

Part of the job is to make the sack relax….
Make that shit all warm and fuzzy…

Make a motherfucker squirm for a minute….
Now we’re doing something huh?

That shit feels nice…

The mood is right,

The sack is warm and fuzzy…. 

Good Girl.

Sadly, the shaft doesn’t have many nerves in it. 
That means we don’t get as much pleasure from that as you may think.

Stroking that shit all hard and fast, means a motherfucker will come…
But later, that same motherfucker is out looking for someone else.

Someone who knows how to work that shit…

Stroke it with a firm, slow, smooth glide to start…
hand, teeth tongue combo scores extra points….
(Ps., Everyone loves a winner.)

Nature will dictate the pace, but remain cool. 
Don’t rush… let the tension build…. 
Real talk, most dudes will only last a couple of minutes
when you jump on that shit all fast and hard…

You want a truly sexy experience?

Slow the fuck down.

Be firm but gentle.  

At this point, tickling and or squeezing is NOT good.
Treat the shit as if it is the most luscious shit on the planet and

You.  Just.  Need.  It.

Pay attention to it.  

Taste it.  Savor it. 

Let that shit run all down your chin….

There is nothing that you can do 
that shows love more than worshiping the cock.

And it’s not really even in the mouth yet…



Gettin it in....


The Bad Man.

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