Saturday, January 19, 2013

America's Gun Control

Gun Ownership
Sure, everyone should have the right to own a gun.
Registration and Rules 

Must be min 21 y/o
Under 21 accompanied by adult or in military. Period.

Next, how about before we just hand some fool a gun... They answer some questions?

What is your reason for wanting to own a firearm?
Believe me , I get it... But it's not me I'm worried about....

Business Owner?
Law Enforcement?
Protection Agency?
Security Co?
Money transport?
Private Investigator?
Other? Please describe and explain.

How many Firearms do you own and why?
I mean really? How do we let some of these fools get so many guns? 
Assault Rifles: (Military, Law Enforcement, National Guard or Coast Guard only!)
Any other large caliber guns:

Now we need some...
"I ain't got money, but I got a gun!" - Should not happen.

Valid Driver License or State ID w/Photo from state of purchase.
Bank account # If you don’t have money in the goddamn bank, why the fuck do you need a gun?
Personal References: Who’s gonna vouch for your ass?
Three people: Names, addresses, phone numbers, Driver Licenses & Social Security Numbers.

Education and Testing:
Mandatory classes taught by Local or State Police
Newly purchased firearm is stored until class is complete.

101 – Learn your firearm.
Make, model, caliber, breaking it down, cleaning, re-building, loading, clearing, storing.

102 - Rules for use.
State and federal gun use laws and penalties.

103 – Use.
Target practice.  Must score at certain level to pass. Before you can walk with your gun.

Registering & Licensing:
Every firearm has a Make, Model and Serial Number.
Every owner has a driver license or state ID and a social security number.

How about we put it all together?

Oh yeah.... How does a Local or State Police Agency pay for the time/hours it takes for an officer to teach these classes? I don't know, maybe by raising the prices of firearms, increasing the tax on a firearm, or simply charge the owner for the damn class.... 
Just a thought...  

Gun Owner Public Notification

Pretty simple.

Everything (accident or crime) leads back to the registered owner.
 Just wrong.


Under-aged crimes involving firearms are tried as adult.

With Possession of a Firearm in Public.
Add the words, “with intent to commit murder” to the end of any crime.

If you unlawfully take the life of another human being, 
you loose all rights.
Death or life in prison.

And the person who owns the gun
is just as responsible as the person who uses the gun.

But still....
I'm just saying...

These are just some quick thoughts based on the recent shootings in the news... I consider myself on of the "Good" guys and I'm telling you, it's far too easy for the "Bad" guys to get guns.

Good luck,
The Bad Man

Friday, January 11, 2013

Love... Actually.

It has been over 30 days since the last time I sat to reflect on the world around me.

Why so long? 

Well, I was becoming disenchanted.
I was losing faith in mankind and had separated myself from it
to the point of becoming a bit of a vile and very base.

In my 30 days of regression back to a past me,
I tried to simply stay quite.

I watched all those who might be watching me.

And yes, you can all be found.

I looked for similarities, likeness, things we may have “clicked” in common….

Now, here’s the crazy part.

The more I looked, the less angry I became.

I started to wonder what the fuck was making me act this way to begin with?

The answer is…


No, really.  Love was making me crazy.

Much the same way as the Alpha Lion protects its Pride.
The Bull watches over the heard.
It was simple, kinda animal based, love.

But wait, there’s more….

The more I peered into the world around me, the more I saw 
what was driving the people of Mother Earth 
and mankind as a whole.

Guess what I saw?

More… Love.

Love in the best and worst forms.
The joy. The pain.
The accepting and rejecting up and down,
Rocking your world, while fucking your life kind of loves.

I needed to understand this, so… I looked it up.

I want to share what I found.
I just don’t want to share it... the way I found it.

Straight. No chaser.
No sugar coating. 
No bullshit.

Like to hear it?

Here it goes.

The 9 types of love.

It’s nice. You start to care, become close.
You do things for someone else and it makes you happy.
In your heart, you want to give and receive this.
In the beginning you will.
Affection makes you warm. All humans need it.

The kick in the ass is:
If you don’t give it, you will not get it.
And even when you do give it,
there is no guarantee that it will be returned.

Your there for them, they’re there for you…
You can talk about anything.
You’re honest with each other, supporting, loyal, respectful and tight.

The kick?

 The answer? 

Why does this person want to hang out with you?
Only time will tell.
Advice? If I may?
Don’t call someone a “friend” until you’ve known them for at least a year.
And in that year, give them a lot of rope…
See if they hang themselves.

You just can’t get this person outta your head,
The good and the bad.
The physical attraction, the crush…
Holy fuck, I'm love drunk!

Reciprocation is the problem.
They say all good things come to an end… 
Who ever the hell they are...  they’re right.
This doesn’t mean that the love is done,
This means the infatuation is.
Infatuation, like lighting, rarely strike the same place twice.

Platonic Love.
Take all the above, now lose the sex.
Ahhhhhh. No. Thank you...

I don’t care what people think. This is what I know…
There is no platonic love that can’t find it's way to the nasty. 

Step 1:  Take any friendship 
Step 2:  Add alcohol

Next thing you know...

You’re waking in the morning trying to act, “Normal”.

Puppy Love.
Who said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”
Puppy love happens at any age.
The most common sign is when you start to act immature.
Suddenly you're doing, thinking and feeling silly things.

It’s cute. What else can you say?
And everyone's, got an inner puppy. 

Romantic love.
The soft music and candles, the long walks while holding hands… kissing.
You don’t fuck.
You make love.
You’ve become one.

Careful, this shit leads to marriage.

And like infatuation, it often comes to an end.
This doesn’t mean that the love is done.

It means the romance is.

And that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever,
It means priorities have shifted.

You can HAVE it back… if you WANT it back..
The problem is it takes two.

Sexual Love.
Lust. Need. Intimacy.
Master and servant, tie me up, tie me down,
Let me whisper in your ear while I pull your hair,
Lock your body to mine… Shhh... quite....

What’s the real kick in the ass?
It ends.
Eventually you’ll want cherry pie instead of apple.

What you do about it depends on who you are,
What your word is worth and plain old honesty.
Just know that sex is NOT love.
Sex is the funky shit that you do to one another
that makes you think you’re in love.

Passionate love.
Naturally comes after sexual love.
It’s intense, expressive; you’ve given yourself away.

You’re fucked.
There is no you with out them.
You’re fucked.
Only one thing can save you…
Cause you're fittin' ta get yo ass hitched!

Committed Love.
You made it to this because you’ve gone through all else.
Hell and back.
You see each other’s faults and accept them.
In time of need YOU are there.
There is devotion. There is sacrifice.
You’ve become Bonnie and Clyde.

The kick in the motherfucking ass?
People lie.

Just how committed are you?
How committed are they?

You won’t know till it’s over.
And if you’ve made it this far it only ends three ways...
Death or deceit or split decision.

Someone’s going to pass away, someone’s going to walk away
or your both just gonna say fuck it.

So there it is.


The all encompassing, roller coaster of physical, emotional 
and mind melting uncertainty that we all must find and 
give and then take from one another.

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.
-Lord Alfred Tennyson

Personally, I truly believe that if you love someone,
You have to be able to let them go lovingly.
If they love you…
They will come back.

No matter who you are, someone is in love with you.
You may not notice if you stay hung up on the one you had to let go.

Good Luck.
The Bad Man