Monday, May 28, 2012

Presenting... ChickieX

One of the reasons I love Twitter.... You get to meet people that you would have never otherwise, gotten to know.  Case in point, my friend ChickieX!  I love it when she goes off on a tangent and just has to rant... See, ChickieX speaks a lot of truth.  I mean truth that most men don't hear from a woman and truth that most women don't want to be told...  The following is just a taste...

(The following is a Twitter time line... that means you have to read it from the bottom up...)

Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
Women r BEGGING for it. Like a child who's constantly looking for the limit, women have been acting out for a while now.

Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
Remove your balls from your heauxs purse, & MAN THE FUCK UP.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
@AskTheBadMan Yep. Man up. That's what I'm saying
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
But they don't. Damn u, men! Take the pussy off the pedestal! (or pedal stool, whatever u like)
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
Saying Ur attitude sucks & u being jealous of me living life is not okay. Change or I'm out.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
Do I really mean "discipline" like some little girl & some controlling dude? No. Don't b stupid. I mean a dude standing up & saying No heaux
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
Am I going to get angry feminist tweets?
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
If men would discipline their bitches, it'd be a different world.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
That is industry standard isn't it? All women r expected to do this weird "I'm jealous so I'm correcting u" thing. And dudes r taking it!
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
I don't claim those those heaux's.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
I'm pissed @ those bitches b/c men will b forced to think that all women r fucked up & half retarded.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
I have beef w/chicks who look @ their man fucked up if he mentions anything regarding other women. Like he's a eunuch & always has been.
Chickie XChickie X ‏@ChickieX
What kind of would-be criminals r we raising in this country? Down right shameful.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love. Sex. Fucking.

Making love
There is that love energy... you know it when you feel it... it's Love.
There is a Respect.
A Sense of Loyalty.
An Honesty.
There is Balance... Nothing is too heavy.
You Support - You Encourage.
You can feel them / They can feel you.
You are Accountable for your actions....

Having Sex
You gotta have Love for each other..
Respect one another.
Being Honest is optional... that's just the truth.
Keep it real...
Smile because it feels good, Laugh because it's fun.
Be Accountable for your actions....

You have to WANT to do it.
No matter WHAT... No matter WHERE.
No matter HOW...

Many of the other qualities listed above are optional.

And YES......You are Accountable for your actions....

Some things you should know 
or at least think about....

Choose wisely and well. 
Attraction happens to people for all kinds of reasons.

Don't confuse sex with love.

Know your needs and speak up. This is not a guessing game.

Respect, act in ways so that your partner always maintains respect for you.

Manage differences... Disagreements don't sink relationships.     Name-calling does.

If you don't understand or like something, say something. Don't assume you know.

Solve problems as they arise. Don't let resentments simmer.

Truly listen, to your partner's concerns and complaints without judgment.
Work hard at maintaining closeness. 
Closeness doesn't happen by itself. In its absence, people drift apart

Some dependency is good, but complete dependency SUCKS! It's a whole other topic...  Keep your self-respect and your self-esteem... And they have to have their own as well.

Stay open to spontaneity.

Wanna Maintain your Stamina? 
Stay in shape!

Please believe this:
All relationships have ups and downs.
More often than not, they don't las forever...

Bottom Line:
Love is not an absolute, not a thing that you're in of or out of.  
It's a feeling that comes and goes depending on how you treat each other.

Sex requires some love but is more of a fun "in the moment" thing.  It's not as emotional as "making love" or as deep as most people make it out to be...

It's for those who have "made love", had sex, and want or need more.
The thing about fucking... You have to know what your doing,
You have to WANT it bad...
you have to LOVE to FUCK...

Otherwise, well,  you ain't fucking.

Good Luck,
The Bad Man

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be A Man

.... of Your Word 

Step one:
Never make promises.
Unless you are absolutely going to keep them.

If you say you’re going to do something….
DO something.

You got somewhere to be?
Fucking be there.
You might be a lil late or a lil early…. But be there.

Real Talk:
All you truly have in this lifetime is your name and your reputation.
When it’s over,
This life… 
You are not taking shit with you….
You are leaving shit behind.

And no matter what the fuck you did… Or how much you acquired…
It is your name and your reputation that will be remembered.

When I say by everyone,
That means, you need to really think about what the fuck you say
And who the fuck you say it to.


You may be the best shit, since shit was invented
…. At your job.
Rock on.  Do your thing baby!
If you’re not “The Shit” at your job, well that’s another topic.


How are you at being her man?
You want to keep your girl? 
Keep your word.

It’s that fucking simple and it works both ways…
You say you’re gonna change… Then change!
You say you’ll never change… then don’t fucking change.
Believe it or not, someone might love your ass just the way you are.
Women are very literal creatures. They like to speak and be spoken to...
Your words will have meaning. Careful what you say...

Yeah, sure, there will always be some shit that tosses a wrench in the mix.
Just remember, what goes up, must come down.
Spinning wheel gots to go round.
That’s life.

How are you at being a father?
Want to know how I do it?
I don’t make promises to my kids.
That way, Daddy doesn’t break any promises…. Get it?
Yes, I give my kids things but I give them randomly.
That way, they know I think about em’.

Lesson here: With children, be thoughtful.

Oh yeah. And boys will be boys.....
Just sayin.

How are you at being a friend?

In case you didn’t know, you get like five best friends in your life.
Everyone else is an acquaintance.
So choose who call a friend carefully.

Hint: Best friends put in time and effort.

I can only speak from my own experience when I say…
Most people want something from you.

Sex.  Money. Power. Possessions.Time.
 And they will get it.

Most people, intentionally or not, will leave you feeling fucked over.
Just know, that when you’re in trouble…
Not everyone who shows up is there to help.

How are you at keeping a secret?
 Bad Man 101: Rule #2 Keep your mouth shut.
Flipside: Some secrets are fucked and not worth keeping.
Especially if you know the secret is going to fuck over something you care about.

If you drop dime.
 That's: Tell on, Snitch, Rat, Squeal, Leak, Blow the whistle..
Be prepared to deal with the consequences. Whatever they may be.

Step two:
Don’t lie.

Think of yourself as a sniper.
Think of your word as a bullet.

“One shot. One kill.”

No matter what you’re doing… One lie can kill it.

Be a man of your word.
And yes, this shit goes for women too.

The Bad Man