Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Regarding Tiger Woods

If think you know all about Eldrick (Tiger) Woods, now 34 years of age, please, get a life. At 34 years old, Tiger doesn’t (nor does any other man) know himself… Yet. Sure, he’s won 95 tournaments, 71 of those on the PGA Tour. Yes, Tiger also was the youngest Masters champion ever, at 21 years, three months and 14 days and, of course, was the first major championship winner of African or Asian heritage.

Have you ever seen Tiger’s “Redonkulous List of Accomplishments” since age 2? Here’s the link, I personally don’t want to type that much…. http://web.tigerwoods.com/aboutTiger/chronology

Tiger Woods record career money total on the PGA Tour: $92,862,539, through 2009. Call it: $111,433,044 if you want to go worldwide. (Why do I keep hearing, “Eddie!!… I want half, Eddie!!)
Follow me for a second, 30 is the new 20. That would make Tiger 23 years old when he was living the dream. (That’s right I said it.)
I wish to God that I could have been his big brother, or his bad Uncle, or any other male role model that should have told him “The Man Rules” or “Bro Code” that http://askthebadman.blogspot.com/2010/03/amendments-to-bro-code.html most young men never get to hear. 

Like the Story of the Old Bull and the Young Bull...
See: http://askthebadman.blogspot.com/2010/05/old-bull-and-young-bull-and-moral-of_05.html
One of many being, “Don’t get married before your 36th birthday”. Period.
See: http://askthebadman.blogspot.com/2011/05/marriage-it-is-your-business.html
When you are young, rich, and famous, you are basically lost. What the hell do you know, other than, you are young, rich, and famous? Nothing. Everyone tells you where to go, what to do, how you are supposed to act… You are forced to choose a side. Role model (for kids and endorsements) or Rebel (Say hello to the bad guy, not to mention TMZ.)
At the age of 33, when the shit hit the fan for Tiger, he was doing what any 33 year old would be doing. Add crazy money and world famous to the mix and nothing good will come of this… If you’re a “Role Model”.

The number of girls would be considered cool.
(Better yet, AWSOME!) 
You’d be considered for titles such as, 
“Most Eligible Bachelor” 
“Playgirl Centerfold” 
“Most Interesting Man In The World!”

On the other hand if you’re not a “Role Model”, you are supposed to live the dream and you are supposed “Make It Rain” wherever you go!!
Fact is: Tiger Woods has remade the game of Golf and everyone in it, from equipment, to apparel, to video games. Every pro golfer can and will make more money now because of Tiger Woods.
So… What did we learn from Tiger?
A. Don’t get married before your 36th birthday
B. Choose “Rebel” over “Role Model”
We are all Human, none of us without fault of one kind or another and at next month's Masters Tournament, April 8 to 11, I’m sure that Tiger will be greeted with open arms. Tiger Woods will again be a media sensation and the world of Golf will take center stage over all other things.

Tiger Woods, remember these words: "When you are on the golf course, you're the boss.

That’s what your Dad, Earl Woods said to you and that’s the bottom line.

Good luck.

The Bad Man

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