Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fighting and why we must do it.

And why we MUST do it.

I’m not saying go start a fight. 

I’m saying every male of our species must have at least two, real and meaningful fights in his lifetime.

The fight when all the rage, courage and raw emotion escape your control. 
When you could… but you don’t actually kill someone.
(This usually means you won.)


The fight when you have no idea what the fuck is happening to you.
More and more stars magically appear before eyes…
When you could… but don’t actually die.
(This usually means you got your bitch ass whooped!)

Yes and yes, at least twice in each for me.

In your lifetime, you will have fights, or what they call fights nowadays, where you scream and curse, and cry and throw shit against a wall or out the window and even walk out…. 
That’s not the type of fight I’m talking about.

You may even find yourself in a fistfight and give or get a bloody nose or even a busted lip…  Again, not the type of fight I’m talking about.

I am referencing the rare and worthy fight 

The fight that gives or takes your inner spirit, chains or frees your soul, clouds or clears your mind and builds or breaks your will.

Here are some examples of the fights I'm talking about and the ages they mostly occur.

Between the ages of:
7 yrs old and 15 yrs old.
Why? You ask?

Your mama
(So many Mama jokes, I don’t know where to start!)

Your sister or brother
One day you will either defend them
you will fight them.

Yep, it makes you do all kinds of shit and you’ll have no idea why.

You’ll get tired of motherfuckers taking your lunch money and shit.

This is about the age that you realize, that in some fucked up way;
you are different from everyone else. 
Normally, the kid you’re fighting
is the one who brings it to your attention.

Between 16 and 24 yrs old.

It’s nature.
Can’t be helped. It’s in our DNA to survive and reproduce
and like most other species on the planet,
we fight to get and keep our females.

After you’ve gone through all this bullshit
and finally have created this thing that is so very important to you,
some asshole has to come and fuck you over?
Yes. Some asshole will try.

And good old fashioned Stupidity.
Any dude + Drunk + any other drunk dude = good old fashioned Stupidity

Between 25yrs old and 42 yrs old. 
(A little old to fight, right?  Wrong.)

Your woman
By that I mean: Other men and your woman

Your family
You will protect your family.

Your home
You will defend your home.

Your property
Your going to let someone just take your shit?  I don’t think so.

Last but not least…

Your money
That shit can buy you fun, love, a fly ass crib and the dope ride? 
Goddamn right you’re gonna fight to get and keep it.

Ok, back to the original question and why I’m saying every male of our species must have at least two of these real and meaningful fights in his lifetime.

A Bad Man will learn, accept and live
the lessons taught by these fights.

When you win, you’ll feel these changes in yourself.

Personal power

And when you loose:

Self doubt
(I don’t know if there is a more pussy word than meek.)

No one can tell a guy who has never won a fight, how winning a fight will make you feel.  That guy, no matter what his reaction may seem like, won’t know until he does it himself.  

The same goes for loosing. 

The first time you win and loose, brings a false sense of the good and bad. 
The second time you win and loose however, will make shit real clear. 

You are not the shit, yet you are NOT to be fucked with.
You will know exactly what you are capable of.
No bragging. Cowards brag to make other think they're cool.
No doubt. When it's on... It's on.
No fear. Only calculation...
And you won’t know
(if there is a more pussy word than meek.)

The Bottom line.

We (Men) must know and have and control of our power, never being overconfident.  We must know that none of this is about “us” as an individual but “us” as in the families we build, the friends we make and what and how provide for and protect them.

When we do things, there is no doubt that we are doing the right thing.  Fear, is motivation.  Helpless doesn’t occur… EVER.  

And as for meek… there is no more pussy a word.

"Now, I want a good, clean fight.
Touch gloves,
go back to your corners,
wait for the bell.
Good luck fellas!"

PS. It is never okay for a man to hit a woman. 

The Bad Man

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  1. though i am every ounce a woman, i've had these fights. sparing with my cousin- he has spent more time in Federal prison than out, and still swears I could take him. he's probably right. it took hormones for me to settle the score with nasty red haired Christian girl who thought she was better than me- and couldn't wait to tell everybody every day from preschool to middle school. then there were the boyfriends who learned the hard way that if you're gonna hit me, you better make sure i don't get back up. i know of the fist to cuffs you speak. mmhmmmm