Friday, February 25, 2011

Bad Man Style.... Shoes.

Your shoes say so much about you.....

People can and will just look at your feet and know your story.

 Before I start I will say thank you to my wife,
without whom, I'd have no style at all.

My shoe collection.
I say, "collection", because these aren't shoes that you just go out and buy.  These are shoes that come into your life at a certain point in time and stay.  Shoes that have been collected over the years and will stay with you till you die.

Time and style tested.

The shoe(s) that define you.

... times have changed. 

"Grown Ass Manhood" now starts at 40.

If you are in your 30's you should be on your way to a collection of your own. 
Good for you "Young Man". 

In your 20's you'll likely have some of these in your possession... "Kid".

Younger than 20?  You probably shouldn't be reading my shit.

Your average girl 
will have up to 20 pairs of shoes.... Girl.

Your Average Guy has 6 pairs of shoes.

A Woman will have 20 or more... 

FYI.,  Females will look at the shoes on your feet at know exactly what's up with you... 
or what's not up with you... Can you dig it?

A grown man should have 10 to 14 pairs of shoes.

  These are shoes that you should collect by the time you reach manhood.  

Boot / Shoe combo's

 Here's the combo.

Comfort/Style - Style/Work - Work/Comfort

These are your work shoes they make a statement.  They say that you handle your business at the professional level, at the management level and that you're not afraid of the trenches.

Please Note: These change by geography, weather, occupation and other circumstances. Ie., Cowboy Boots, Timberlands, etc.,.  All still cool and all still necessary to your shoe collection.  For real life, if I rode a horse I'd wear cowboy boots... and have all three styles represented in my Cowboy Boot Collection...

Again at least three sets. 
Here are mine:

The super casual.

Chuck Taylor's

The Active Athletic.
That means you use them.

The Collector

So dope you barely ever wear them.

They belong on a shelf or under glass...
Yours might be Air Jordan's...

Mine are: 
"The Year Of" The Gold leaf Series

The Professional Shoe Wear
It's the next level and beyond for men's shoes....
The shoes that represent a certain maturity or status or self respect and self esteem.

The shoes that say, "Yes, you are dealing with a grown ass man."

Your Standard Black.
 The ones that work with everything...
Jeans, slacks, suits... 
Business meeting, Suit and Tie event, Black Tie... 

The Black Shoe Rule: Never wear white socks with black shoes.

The Fancy Loafers.

Understated yet still manage to say "fuck off".

These are mainly Summer and Spring shoes, so they end up being timeless.

Das Dress Boot.

"The Most Interesting Shoes at the Party"...
These are the ones you wear to that daytime function
The one where you know people can clearly see your shoes...

You sit somewhere casually and cross your legs so that the bottom can be seen...
Then just watch others react.

I suggest dark glasses and weed when rocking: "The Most Interesting..."

Last but not least:


Yes. Tom Brady wore the wrong kind of Uggs for men.

Tom, these are the ones men wear.
the one's you had on are for chiks and Eskimoes.

Style points count at any Age, Profession or Social Status...

How you look does effect how you feel.

Stay sharp.

The next time we bring up style, it'll be button down shirts and how to rock them.
Till then...

The Bad Man.

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