Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Tweeple Part 1 - Music

One of the reasons I like Twittter is because it lets you reach out into the future.  You can actually, instantly, connect with people world wide who you'd have never met otherwise.... ever.  You get to see how we are all different and the same...

Truly,  I have no idea which, of however many things, makes one person connect to another.  But, I do know that there are some things that connect us all.

One of which is music.

Last night I asked Some of my Tweeps to send me just three of their favorite songs....
Here's what I got back...

@deezeegirl Florida
1. everyday is exactly the same NiN
2. head like a hole NiN
3. discipline by yup NiN :)

@showmemetal ARKANSAS
1. Pantera-Cowboys From Hell
2. Type O Neg-Black No.1
3. Metallica-Fade to Black.

1. 3 days. Jane's Addiction
2. Handshake Drugs. Wilco
3. Summertime Rolls. Jane's Addiction

California Love (Pac&Dre)
Northern Lights (Nick Drake)
Liquid Swords (GZA)
Pictures of You (The Cure)
Here Comes Your Man (Pixies)
Bring The Pain (Method Man)
Man In The Mirror (MJ)

@Nikki92HB Los Angeles
Nicki Minaj-Moment For Life
Kanye West-All Of The Lights
LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem

@misswhitemoth WeHo, CA+London, UK
So fresh-Outkast
Signs-SnoopyDogg ft.JT
(well, 3 are not enough! however, my list is called 'paint it black')

@IggyCurtis Los Angeles
Joy Division: Disorder
Stooges: Gimme Danger
Thin White Rope: Some Velvet Morning
(yeah, it's a cover, but a perfect one)
@badgirljules USA
Three Days - Jane's Addiction
Blue Monday – Orgy
I will Always Love You - Dolly Parton (just kidding on the 3rd one) =)

ummm...hold on
@heremydear A
Anything by:

Chickie X
@ChickieX Hell, OK
The Chain- Fleetwood Mac
Love & Happiness- Al Green
All Of Me (Reprise) - Joe Budden.
*Subject 2 change 10min from now..

@chadfu Beverly/Fairfax, Los Angeles
The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes
The Dead Weather - Blue Blood Blues
UNKLE - Burn My Shadow.

Dionne Harmon
@deejayladydee los angeles
1) blind (frankie knuckles remix) - hercules & love affair
2) spottieottiedopaliscious – outkast
3) six days - dj shadow

@DJLoli LoliLand, Manhattan, NY
loli lux - wannabe 2011

Riff Rocket
@RiffRocket I'm bad, I'm nationwide...
Disclaimers: List is in no particular order, these are just songs that popped into my head 1st, & my faves change constantly.

Hallowed Be Thy Name/Iron Maiden;
Fearless/Pink Floyd;
Heartbreaker/Pat Benatar;
In Chains/Depeche Mode
Me and Bobby McGee/Janis Joplin;
I Want You (She's So Heavy)/The Beatles;
Bang a Gong (Get It On)/T. Rex
Slaves and Bulldozers/Soundgarden;
Straight Through the Heart/Dio;
Hero's Return/Hammerfall;
Flugufrelsarinn/Sigur Rós

Uhm, are we including classical?
Imma throw a few out there... 

The Balcony Scene (from Romeo and Juliet)/Prokofiev
Voi Che Sapete (from Le Nozze Di Figaro)/Mozart;
Song to the Moon (from Rusalka)/Dvořák; Glassworks: Opening/Philip Glass

Hallelujah/Jeff Buckley;
I Believe in a Thing Called Love/The Darkness;
Vehicle/The Ides of March
When the Levee Breaks/Led Zeppelin;
Somebody to Love/Jefferson Airplane;
Don't Forget Me/Red Hot Chili Peppers
Emerald/Thin Lizzy;
Paranoid/Black Sabbath;
Blood Red Skies/Judas Priest;
High Speed GTO/White Wizzard

Kristin McElroy
@onerockgypsy in my bunk...
As of today: Frank Turner - Worse Things Happen At Sea,
Off With Their Heads - Fuck This,
I'm Out & Murder By Death – Brother
And this lil new band called
The Dead Relatives, song My Funeral, its on Soundcloud ;) 

@_LA_goon los angeles ca
 lynyrd skynyrd – freebird
paul mccartney and wings - maybe i'm amazed
journey - faithfully

Another reason I like Twitter: 
All the above Tweeple are real. And Cool. And me a better Human Being.

Thank you all for sharing your music with me. It's awesome that no one could truly just do three...

Cheers and One Love,
The Bad Man

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