Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anal + Straight to Anal = Strainal

What a great word!

STRAINAL pronounced: " Stray-Nal "

Meaning: Straight to anal.

A. Sex: To have anal sexual penetration before any other sexual penetration occurs.

Example: We went to her place and as soon as I closed the door, she had bent over and lifted her dress!! She wanted Strainal, so I obliged!

B. Emotional: To go from a pleasant emotional state to an anxiety filled and aggravating state in an instant.

Example: While Xmas shopping, some asshole swept in front of me and stole my parking space... I went Strainal on them in a heartbeat. My day was wrecked.

This is one we have to face as well... We all go Strainal mentally at some point or another. Like when I wake up to people screaming shouting... I go Strainal before I even open my eyes...

C. Political: Sara Palin.

Example: Sara Palin.

Pick any politician really.

This word is awesome!! I'm sure if you thought about it, not even too hard, you would find other ways to use the word "Strainal" in your day to day life!

And let's face it, going Strainal is an actual form of birth control. I've never heard of pregnancy occurring that way. It doesn't surprise me at all that anal sex would be preferred by a woman who either doesn't want to get pregnant or want to preserve her virginity.

Do it!!

The Bad Man

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