Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Message For 2011 and Beyond

A Message to My Little Brothers, Nephews and Sons
 For 2011 and Beyond

Don’t be a crybaby.

Snap the hell out of it.  Stop wasting your time on what happened in the past, even if it was yesterday.  Start looking at where you want o be tomorrow. I promise you, crying and whining about shit only makes people who care about you turn off their ringers.  Having emotions is one thing, being a crybaby is another.


Drop all negative shit…. Right fucking now.
What the fuck are you pissed about now?  Never mind, I really don’t fucking care.  All I care about is that you take that negative shit the hell away from me and mine.  I can’t think of anything cool that starts with a negative.

Negative Attitude
Negative Swag
Negative Vibe
Negative Job
Negative Bank Account
Negative Friends
Negative Life

Now take the negative away.
Yes.  It is that easy.

Educate yourself.
That’s correct. Sure you may be intelligent already, but every year a man needs to grow.  Not just fat or old, I mean mentally smarter as well. May I suggest something rare that will help?

Read a goddamn book.

Your eyes are the windows to your souls … and your brains.

Re-define yourself.
Manners. Rules for yourself.  Rules for others.  Stand up straight, PULL YOUR FUCKING PANTS UP!! Look people in the eye when you shake their hand and when you toast.  And make a toast!

Follow my 3 main rules.

Love the one who loves you.
If you are with someone who loves you for you, good, bad, clean or funky, then basically, you won.  Here’s how your dumbass will most likely blow it. Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes. Trust me, we all make mistakes… How do you think I know any of this shit?

If you are self-centered and think this person who loves you is going listen to you rattle on about you all the time. Just know the Self-Centered You has an expiration date.
Advice: Learn to ask others how they’re doing and actually listen to the answer. If you really care, follow up and make sure they’re good.

Unmotivated Guys. 
 Make me sick.
Dude, do something, be a part of something, stand for something.  If you aren’t in a coma, get off your ass and do something!!

Dare to find special moments. 

Yesterday 1/1/11 at 1:11pm I made a wish.  Why, because 1/1/11/1/11, will not happen again for another 100 years. That’s why.

Did my wish come true? Yes. Instantly.  Hand to the Is.
I was outside, in the garage at the time and I wished for a simple sign that what I believe is valid, show me something out of the ordinary that will make me feel the love for 2011.

Less than a minute later, a tiny mole 
(yeah Mole; the mammal family Talpidae in the order Soricomorpha.)
Came from around the corner and walked up to me. I tripped out.
I put it in a little box, showed the kids, let them play with it for a while, and set free.  This was the first time in my life I’d ever seen one alive.   

My kids were happy and excited, and I felt the love….

Maybe I shoulda wished for something more?

Maybe you shoulda wished at all?

Special things happen in special moments, 
find them, they do exsist.

You have a fucking plan?
You fancy, Huh?
Think you got it all together? Everything is running smooth and you’re the shit?! Nice.  Just know that everything runs in cycles. Your high will become your low.  Your low will become your high…. Have a fucking plan.

Have another fucking plan.
Don’t ever stop making plans to advance yourself, your family, your friends…. Nobody’s mad at the man with the plan.

Make moves everyday.
Little brothers, nephews and sons, that shit is self-explanatory.  If you are not in a coma or dead, your ass should be making moves every day. No matter how you do what you do, just fucking do it.

Welcome to 2011 fellas….Now make me proud.

The Bad Man

Ps. Nobody likes a snitch…. Goes without saying.

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