Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Survive Jury Duty.

7 am:  I wake saying "SHIT!!"  My wife says, "Boooo? You up?" ...Yeah, she calls me "Boo".

8 am: I'm at the courthouse listening to this dude tell me how to walk through a metal detector.... at least 70 other people around me holding juror papers.  Every type of American you could imagine.  I was one of them. And from the looks of things, we'd all been though metal detectors before.

9 am: We're all seated in different rooms... I walk into a room of solem faces.  "Is this the party?", I said with a big smile!  Nothing.  Crickets.

Juror #1 walks in. (That's just I'm going to call him.)
He said some shit like, "Don't worry everyone!! I'm Here!!"

... Instant Bromance.

Long story short... How and why things happen are out of our control.  Turns out Juror #1 is a very real MF.  Young but accomplished.  Full of piss and vinegar... Ready to fight on!  I loved the energy in a otherwise, bullshit setting.  He was genius.  He called me #16.  I promise you've heard of, or maybe have seen his first movie.  He read scenes from the second movie to me during lunch.  It was awesome!

Back to the Jury...

Mind you, if the case is something you care about, you go ahead and be a juror.  Your thoughts could one day change laws and lives.

Honestly, if this case were important, I would have stayed.

This is just a very, very short story of how we got out of jury duty for a "bullshit" case last Monday.  

Juror #1 "I'm Bi-Polar."

Juror #16 "You Honor,  I smoke medical marijuana!"

The look on the Judge's face was priceless.

Did You Know?   ...that when they dismiss you from Jury Duty, they give you a green piece of paper excusing from Jury Duty for a year?

Best day EVER!



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