Saturday, April 6, 2013

Having Balls.

That’s right, I said it.… Balls.

And yes, women have balls too.  So when I say having Balls, it goes for everyone. Balls is no more, no less than a very strong, emotional energy within, that only YOU, have the power to control.  This energy can be emitted from or suppress in, your body.  And like any other source of energy, Balls have to be controlled.

Balls is what join and separate everything… Allow me to explain Balls as seen through the eyes of the Villain and Rogue.

Firstly.  Balls is not stepping up and spouting off.  At times it can be, but to a Villain, a Rogue, that’s just a simple lack of self-control and not sexy at all.  As I said earlier Balls is a strong, emotional energy.  Now imagine that you learned how to focus that emotional energy.  Let me just tell you Good Ball Control is priceless… and very, very sexy.

Your Balls usually show when it's time to step: 

  1. Step up. This one is the easiest.  You simply have to have Balls to move ahead in life.  
  2. Step aside.  This one is not as easy.  Having the Balls to step aside takes practice.  Look at it this way, when you see someone coming at you hard, I mean Balls out.  The best thing to do is step aside and let them pass.  Most people who go Balls out are not in control. Which is often not good for whomever is in the way.
  3. Step back.  The Balls to step back unfortunately is often preceded by an emotional downer.  Having the Balls to step back means that you have to take the high road in whatever the situation may be.
  4. Step away.  This one is the toughest and takes more Balls than you will use to step up.  See, stepping away has to be done sometimes.  Say you've stuck with something, someone, some place too long.  Physically and emotionally you are connected to it but you know this thing is no longer good for you.  There's no growth potential. There's no return on your investment.  You have to have Brass Balls to truly step away from something negative that you are bound to. You have to have the Balls to leave, you also have to have the Balls to start over.  Unfortunately, most people don't have Brass Balls.  Most people will stay in a messed up place and try to fix what's broken.  
(Villains & Rogues #149 : Once it's broken it's broken.   Even if you fix it. It's still broken)

How you use your Balls will determine everything you do, every step you take and of course the outcome of everything.  Uncontrolled Ball Emission (UBE) is bad. It's a waste of time and energy, a loss of growth and power, it's "Punking" yourself.  We've all done it.  The goal is to never do it again.

Good Ball Control (GBC) means you’ll be seen as professional and a master of self. The only thing that can make Good Ball Control spin out is the Ego… And that’s a big deal.  The Ego is a motherfucker to deal with.  The Ego is a child, a three and a half year old, screaming and kicking.  The Ego wants what it wants, period.  It wasn’t until I had children myself, that I truly understood that.  You MUST control the Ego… If you're asking how, it’s likely because you don’t have kids. 

To control the Ego, you have to realize that it's your inner child.  You have to love it, nurture it, respect it, play with it and NOT let it run your life.  Every parent knows what I’m saying.  Once you have that in check… Trust it.  Let your Ego take control of your Balls.  

To be a real pro, keep your Balls in check.  After all, no one truly wants to see your ______ Balls.  (Every joke you are making right now really does apply.)  More important, you really don't want to show your ______ Balls to everyone anyway.  That just takes you all the way back to having no self-control, thereby, having no Balls. (Therein lies the rub…) 

You control your Ego, your Ego controls your Balls.  You win.  
The equation goes like this.  Balls = You over your Ego.

You’ll be impressed when you see how fast you rise to any occasion, how fast you climb any ladder and how many people will help you… because they believe that whatever it is… you’ve got the Balls to do it.

All that said, Balls is still just a part of the picture.  It's a good sized part but still not the whole picture.  Next time I'll take a look at working "Smarter" not "Harder".  Which requires having the Balls... to know the difference.

Villains and Rogues

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