Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Poker Lesson- Las Vegas style.

After a few crazy weeks, one needs to relax... 

Blow off some steam...

Where on Earth does a BadMan get to do that??

Wifey gets to shop, Papi gets to gamble.

Now, I'm no professional.  Not by a long shot.
I don't think I'm that good.

Normally, I can hold my own at any table,
tonight... Not so much.

This was a night to live and learn,
for on this night,
I sat with the big dogs.

Here's the thing you have to get about playing Vegas style poker...

No matter how good you are, eventually,  it will get you... 

If you're playing to make money, find a private game somewhere.

If you're playing for fun, have a friday night game with the boys.

If you're playing to learn something and get you're ass wiped out in six hands or less, 

Go to Las Vegas!

When it comes to these tables and my skill level, I tend to play ATM style.  That means I'll take out $300 and play till it's gone.

A good glance at the table and I know it... 

The Old Dogs are gonna take my lil $300 and never even lift their heads to look at me.
I lasted one hand. 
I'm "All In".
I would go the whole story with a card-by-card and all but why?  It Was One Hand...

I had trip Queens...
He had 

The Gut Shot Straight... 
on the river. 
The "Gut Shot" straight? 
On the river? 

Feels a lot like this...

That's all we need to say about that.

Nothing to do about it.  It was like I was never even there...  (Minus the loosing the money part.)

But WAIT!  There's more!

I take out another $200.  I just chilled out and played video poker. 

It was nice, playing 25c Video Poker games... (p.s. 25¢ Games = $1.25 per hand)

The sound of slot machines ringing and chinging.  
Every noise and sound bite you could ever hope to hear. 
Crowds cheering, Music, announcers, every dialect from Russian to Mandarin Chinese, to Texan... Even the Parakeet-esque squawks of "I almost made it" girls saying, "cocktails" soon became music to my ears.

I must have played 80 hands ($1.25 each).  After that many hands and no substantial wins, you just think "WTF., it's time to switch machines.  So I do.

I moved a couple seats down and kept playing...
(cuz of course, I'm gonna win back ALL  of my money... tonight!)

Along comes this girl and her goofy looking guy. 
They sit down at the machine I just left.

This girl plays 2 hands.
Straight Flush.

She won $400.

Even though they were no where near, I could hear the big dogs laughing.

Bottom line time;  

My name is the BadMan.  
I am a gambler...
I gamble because it's intriguing.

I gamble because
It's sexy.

I gamble because
It keeps my mind active
and my thoughts creative...

I gamble because
I can win
and I have made money doing it.

On this night, 
This unholy night
in Sin City...
I lost.

I played like a first time tourist.
I played like I shit the bed in the middle of the night.

For that reason,
I vow not to play poker...
in the casinos....
in Vegas....
for a little while....

I've moved on...

To Roulette...
it's sexy too.

Till next we meet.
The BadMan

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