Friday, April 15, 2011

A Bad Man Road Trip to: San Francisco.

Hi London calling, my friend @ needs suggestions/ideas for LA-SF drive trip she is taking in May, can you tweet her anything?  
Certainly, I'll find a fun and scenic route and pass it on. 
Thank you Mr Badman, @ appreciates any info you can provide. The more fun the better!
Here you are. One better than a returned tweet.  Enjoy.....

Did someone say "Roadtrip"?
San Francisco.

I’m not going to get into details about the places along the way,
you should look them up and see for yourself
that I’m steering you in the right direction….

Shall we ride?

Los Angeles to Santa Barbara

101 to Santa Barbara, it's a short drive,
Stop there, shop around have lunch… 
Shop downtown,  
It’s nice for the day.
If sleeping over don't stay in Santa Barbara,

ALL the hotels  there are shit!
 except for:

The Four Seasons
The Inn of the Spanish Garden. 

BUT Instead I.....

Go up 101, (just past Sandpiper Golf Course)

The Baraca Resort

Have dinner, enjoy the beach at night…. And very, very NICE rooms.
(I highly recommend....)

Next take the 1 (not 101) to Pismo beach… during the day.

See the dunes…  Maybe take a Dune Buggy tour… Fun.

San Luis Obispo
by Lunch…

Make it Quick... Not much going on there.... 

If you've got loot and WANT to stay there tho...

Dolphin Bay

Afterwards get back on 101 Enjoy rather long ride up 
the scenic El Camino Real

(still the 101)

Bring Music….. Make playlist of traveling songs…


Get to Salinas, Exit 101 get on 68 heading to:

Monterey, once there

find wine… FINE wine..


Do some whale watching..
really very cool when you see one.


Have excellent foods and find a nice Bed and Breakfast.
See Yelp for that. 

There are a LOT of options.

Next day, get back on the 1 (not the 101) and head to

Santa Cruz.

Get some weed.
(Let me know if you need a hook up.)

 keep it moving...

From there take the 17 to the 85 to the 280 and viola!

San Francisco!!

So much to do there can’t be listed.


But do try to get in at  

Chez Panisse Restaurant


And enjoy the ride!

The Bad Man

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