Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Manhood Checklist: Responsibility...

So… you’re all grown now?
Shut up and sit the hell down.

That’s great news!! 
And I for one am proud of you.
Just the fact that you think you're a man now is a step in the right direction..

Now let's run down the list of basics:
You know, the things that you learned, accomplished, gained in your life... to date...
We just want to make sure you've finished the check list.

Check the boxes that you have completed:
Own something outright. 
Lost something you worked for. 
Worked 2x as hard to get it back. 
Have money in the bank. 
Can survive with zero money. 
Win a fight. 
Lose a fight. 
Build something with your hands. 
Grow a garden. 
Challenge yourself. 
Hit rock bottom. 
Come back from rock bottom. 
Love someone more than yourself. 
Break a heart. 
Have your heart broken. 
Stand for something. 
Be responsible for something… 

Say it again…
 Things you are responsible for include:

For Your Family
Mother, Father, sister, bother, and so on…
Family is not always who you’re born with…
Sometimes family comes in the people you meet along your life path… 
Witch is why it's important to travel... To expand your life's family

Funny thing these…
 Feed them, clothe them, love them and then, close your eyes… and let them go.
Did you notice I didn't say that you had to have children to be a man.
Having children makes you a father, not a man. 
The ultimate goal is to be both.

You must be able to pay your own way, carry your own load,
or otherwise bring some shit to the motherfucking table.
You don't always have to work for money.
You do always have to work to survive. Think about it.

Yes, you are responsible for the people walking down the street.
These people weather you think it or not... are your Social Family.
Your neighbors. Your Community.
These people are Human Beings… Just like you. 
And we are all responsible for each other.

You will serve your country.
That doesn’t mean go to war… 
That means you will do something to help improve your country.
Vote.  Volunteer. Pay Taxes....

Who knows...
You may write something, you may sing something or build something… 
you may defend something… hell, you might just say something important.

You are also responsible for:

People of the World
Every man knows that you can’t help everyone…
But everyman can help someone.
One day, you’ll have to cross that line, that communication barrier
and relate through human nature…

The Planet
Oh what?!
You don’t think you’re responsible for damage
your life’s path is gonna wreak on the planet?
Do something about it.

And finally you are responsible for:

For Yourself
Every action, reaction, word, glance, scent, style, sound, etc.
You/we  carry a significant amount of weight and energy just in being.
This weight and energy is stronger than you can imagine.

"And with this great power...
comes great responsibility."
(Stan Lee)

I’m not saying you gotta be a fucking Saint….
I’m saying you gotta be responsible for your shit..
And that Until you have done all of the above;
you’re just another guy.

Which brings me to this guy:

Anonymous said...
I need help. California has suspended my license for something that was taken care of in another state and license over 11 years ago. There was no notification of this action and they have kept me from getting a job due to their actions and lack of correct technical/IT requirements. My license is clear in FL but California has added me to the National Registry. This is definitely something Florida tells me has happened before and I consider detrimental to a persons livelyhood. Defamation of Character and I am seriously interested in getting a law suit going. Please let me know what you think.

Dear Anon.

To be honest it sounds like you looking for some easy way out or to blame your misfortune on something other than yourself.  Go fix your shit. It will take you maybe 3 phone calls and some time on hold.  Besides, you won’t win in a legal setting.  I can tell that you’re a smart person… Save this energy for something more worthwhile. 

My advice is you stop bitchin', fix your shit and get a goddamn job.  And oh yeah, don’t limit yourself to any one job. You're too smart for that.

Good Luck.
The BadMan

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