Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Old Bull and The Young Bull

and the moral of the story...

The Old Bull and The Young Bull

Sitting atop a hill on a beautiful spring day.

Grazing in the valley below is a large herd cows, a bunch of fine heifers.

The Young Bull, looks over the whole valley seeing many, many fine heifers.
The Old Bull surveys the valley as well and smiles.

The Young Bull, now too excited to control himself, looks at the Old Bull and says,
“Hey.  Let’s run down this hill and fuck one of those heifers!”

The Old Bull looks back at The Young Bull and says,
“No.  Let’s walk down the hill and fuck them all.”

Now.  Let’s break it down…“Old Bull Style.”

Slow your roll. 
This is not the running of the bulls.

Don’t be a bull in a china shop.
Pull yourself together Young Bull.  Heifers won’t want you if you lack composure.  Want to get the cow?  Don’t have a cow.   Be the bull that can stare down the Matador.  Be the confident, unbreakable bull that strikes fear in the heart of cowboys everywhere.

This is not a cattle call.  
Never rush your approach.  If you spook the cows they’ll just run away from you, not just once, but every time they see you.  It’s very true that you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Skip the bullshit.
Be nice, be funny, be honest.  Let the heifers know they can take the Bull by the horns…. (For a little while.) If you’re good at being you, you’ll be busy with the heifers till the cows come home.

Bully for you!  
Now, walk down the hill and fuck them all.

Good Luck to all you young bulls.

The Bad Man

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