Sunday, April 11, 2010

It was a humbling day in his life.

My oldest son had his first school track meet today…. He lost every race, coming in last each time he ran.

It was a hard day on the track for my man. It was a humbling day in his life.

After his last race I saw him look at me to see if I was upset or disappointed… “Hell to the no, Bobby!”

I was happy. Today was the day that boy took his first bold steps towards being a man. Not just any man, a BAD MAN.

How you ask?

Well, you don’t just wake up one day and say, “Damn, I’m a Bad Man!” You have to have lost, yet not be defeated. - He finished every race.  In doing so, he learned some real life shit that only comes from real life experience.

One. You have to take all the bullshit life throws at you and still be hungry.

Two. You have to be smart and willing to teach yourself the things other don’t want you to learn.

Three. You have to burn bridges. A man who has nothing has everything to gain…

Four. Ultimately, you have to get over yourself.

Everyone looses. You have to know what it feels like to fall flat on your face… It’s the only way to truly recognize victory and appreciate the view once you reach the top.

Champions, leaders and truly Bad Men have hit rock bottom… a few times.  Ask Jordan.  Ask Trump or Gates. Or just cut to the chase and just Ask The Bad Man.

Reality check?

Hell yes. He knows he has to work harder, look forward. Stare past the competition, not at the finish line, not at some bullshit plastic trophy. But at the kind of man he wants to be.

Today was not just a track meet; it was a milestone for his journey and a cornerstone for him to build on.

Son, in this lifetime, you will:

Get dirty.
Look clean.
Know your role and find your goal.
You will make everyone and everything around you better.

His first real step into manhood… was a humbling day in his life.

I know you’ll be a good man and one day, one day… you will wake up knowingly and say,
“Damn, I’m a Bad Man!”

I know this because you are just like me and I see you.

Now, rub some dirt in it and get back in the game.

With love and respect,

The Bad Man
Aka. Dad

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  1. It's hard to really appreaciate the joy of victory, unless you've suffered the agony of defeat!