Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Favorite Bit(e)s of The Female Body

Yes, I love your ass
Yes, I love your tits
Your legs and face too.
But! I'm not gonna  go over all the normal shit.
Rather, I will let my


Tell you about his favorite bits and bites
of the female anatomy.
Who is my "Beast"?

My Beast is one of the 3 primary energies running my life.

My energies are:

1. The Gentleman
2. The Bad Man
3. The Beast

They don't share time,
No, I do no not have a split personality.

They are all active, all of the time…

They protect themselves
They protect each other…
They protect me.

I think of it as having a little something for anything, anytime, anywhere…

When it comes to sexy time, my Beast has the most fun.

My Beast could care less about courting…
That is handled by the Gentleman.

My Beast could give a fuck about flirting…
The Bad Man taught him better.

My Beast is about the act.
The physical pleasure and the sexual tension
The push, the pull…
the deeper harder…



… The Fuck of it.

So, with out further adeu…..

My Beast.

Pardon me for not saying,  "Hello".
I'm quite sure The Bad Man has done that.

Please don't tell me your name.. I don't care.
This is about nature...

I am a Beast. I make no qualms of it.  
I own my beastly being, 
Much the same as I will own yours.
When I see you…
I touch you…

I take you…
I exist for my animal nature… 
The strength, the instinct and the power 
So what do I find tasty in or on a woman..

I start with:

The Hair
Between my fingers... My fingertips on your skull... firmly
Moving your head gently (or not). 

I appreciate the different hair styles.. scents.. 

Hair should be pulled a little.. Not for pain, but for guidance…

Let's say I want your neck.. I will pull your hair aside… 
I will have your neck… 

The eyes. 
Pupils don't lie. 

If your pupils get big , they tell me you want more hard.
If they tighten, you're thinking… wondering what's next.
Eye contact means everything.
Safe words sometimes can't be heard.

Your Ears..
Nibbles.. I may begin to speak to you a little bit.. 
Saying sexy little things in the heat of the moment…
I need to be close, I need the contact…
The pressure of my face against yours.  
My sound... Deep inside your head…

I like lips that I can feel.  Lips that look edible… 
Lips that kiss me and suck me everywhere... properly.

The tongue...
Kissing passionately... using it so many different ways. 

The Neck
Lined with nerves and sensitive little spots...
The neck should always to be explored and touched

The Back.
I love pouring scotch down your spine and drinking it from that spot above your ass...
I love the long muscles, the shape of your body, the firmness of you.

 ... to pull you near, to push deeper....

They should be more than a handful, slapable...  Bangable.

.. I like them bound... either together or to sturdy objects.

Whatever, just keep them out of my way.

 ... I like them cuffed... or tied..

Inner thighs... My playground.

I could stay there forever...

But I won't.
I will continue on...  And on.... And on...

 Until I've worn you out...
Until my hunger is satisfied.

And last but not least...

I will let you go.

That is my nature...

I am lust. I am greed. I am more lust.
I am the Beast.

And you are my prey.
Nuff said,

The Bad Man.

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